Summer Time Skin Care Routine

The sun can be a killer, particularly given the hole on the ozone layer above where we are, so its extra important to take care of your skin during this time. Does this mean you need to stay out of the sun and not enjoy that summer time glow and all the fun things that you can do during this time of year? Not at all, but it does mean you have to pay more attention to your skin during this time. You have to treat your skin different just the same way you change your clothes for each season, you should change the skin routine as well.

Unfortunately, most skin care products you find in, supermarkets, department stores and even beauty spas are loaded with toxic chemicals that have been shown to cause everything from auto-immune disease to breast cancer. Most of these are tested on animals which means these toxic chemicals that are in things like our favorite mascaras that I admit I am guilty of using from time to time are rubbed in these animals eyes to see if it irritates them. Clearly we are not wanting to see happen right?

After educating myself of these products and all the ways they are tested on animals and everything that is put in these products to make us smell good or make our skin soft for a quick minute made me realize I needed to be part of the solution not the problem. So winter of 2015 I put my solution into motion. This is when I started my line Verity & Victoria Naturals. We are a Natural, chemical-free and proudly we display that cruelty-free bunny logo which means we do not test on animals and we do not use toxin filled counterparts. So you can safely have beautifully flawless skin, without having to expose it to toxins or be part of the problem.

Here are my top Tips for your SAFE SUMMER TIME SKIN CARE


Whenever you are heading out into the sun, you should always be wearing a good quality sunblock to protect your skin from too many rays which can lead to skin cancer. Particularly if you have delicate skin or if you have freckles. Areas that are exposed to the sun more need more attention, your face, chest and shoulders. Most sunblocks are full of harmful chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer themselves. So yes you may be protecting yourself from skin cancer but you are trading that for another time of cancer. How can this be? Here are a few sun screens that I highly recommend that are safe and will not have your trading one cancer for another. Annmarie Gianni's Sun Love. this stuff is made from 100% organic and natural ingredients that is not thick and cakey that most natural sun screens that are in the market. It is very light with a like tint to it. It does use physical barriers such as zinc oxide as well as natural herbs and oils for protection, as opposed to standard chemicals. This stuff is made for your face and combined with your regular summer time routine because it really matters what your do before and after you apply that sun screen.

Sun screen for you body should always be different from what you apply to your face. Would you use that same body lotion on your face? Why would you use the same sun screen then? Here is a sunblock that I found that works great it is COOLA's Mineral sunscreen sport SPF 35 which uses physical barriers of titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

2.)Washing the dirt and grime away

Washing your skin can seem like not a big deal when it comes to a summer skin care routine since it is a year round routine but it matters what you use on your skin for stripping away too much from your skin can leave your skin in poor condition making it prone to more damage to your skin, Washing your face with English Wildflowers Cold Cream Cleanser is the product I highly recommend from Verity & Victoria Naturals it is made up of Wild harvested English wildflowers of rose, lavender, chamomile, heather and mallo. This cream is designed to pamper your skin. They have added skin-loving goodies like Black currant & rosehip oils, pure Aloe Vera, green tea extract and horse chestnut for anti-aging. This cold cream is good for any skin type.

3.) Keep your skin HYDRATED

You're probably already aware that moisturizing is your best friend for all your skin care year around. We need to replenish your natural skin oils that may have been washed off or that has been dried out from the harsh sun during the day.

Applying a mist of English Rose Floral Toner from Verity & Victoria Naturals after washing your face will help to soothe, hydrate & heal the skin from the harsh summers sun. Then apply a moisturizing skin cream would be your next step.Using Geisha Oriental Pearl & Silk Skin cream from Verity & Victoria Naturals is the best way to keep your skin hydrated during these summer months. The pearl powder and silk protein in the luxurious formula that gives your skin a beautiful luminosity and deflects light from wrinkles for a youthful glow.


So you've been using natural sunscreen (see tip #1). Wearing a hat. Covering up during the peak hours. And running for the shade where you can. But sometimes, especially here in Florida, you still get nailed by the sun and wake up looking like a lobster on that strip of your back you couldn't quite reach.My favorite way to repair sun damage, particularly on the face and decolletage, is with Balm of Aloe from Verity & Victoria Naturals. This stuff is amazing, made from 100% Pure Raw Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe leaves contain a plethora of antioxidants including, beta carotene, vitamin c and E that can help improve the skins's natural firmness and keep the skin hydrated. This can be used all over your body even your face. My favorite body cream that I apply after the Balm of Aloe is Coco Beach Hut from Verity & Victoria Naturals. It is a nutritious skin care body cream made from 100% natural ingredients like coconut butter, eco palm fruit oil and olive oil for a rich and refreshing texture. Highly nourishing, emollient moisturizing and elasticizing with no dyes or synthetic substances. Make you smell like that perfect sunny day at the beach.

5.) Staying cool during the long summer days

DO NOT OVER HEAT! As simple as it sounds it can be hard while you are running around with the kids when they are out of school for the summers months. Beach time, birthday parties are not outside, laying by the pool, running the kids to soccer practice. It can be hard to keep yourself cool. I keep this product in my purse even when I finish working out I use it to instantly cool down. Peppermint Floral toner from Verity & Victoria Naturals it helps to instantly refresh and cool the skin.


The last of my must have summer make-up items is lip balm, with my favorite being Tudor Rose 15th Century Beauty Salve. This is free of mineral oil, petroleum-based ingredients, gluten, soy, artificial flavorings, and are of course never tested on animals.A deliciously decadent salve made from a traditional 15th century blend of floral essences in use by the ladies of the Tudor court. This can be used anywhere on the body even your hair. But my favorite use is on my lips.

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